This month has to be the most i have ever put up in VOLUME.As i blogged earlier i hit a downswing and was essentially back to the starting 100$ .I got disheatened but felt it was due to the lack of knowledge i have about the turbo structure.So i got back to the grind this time with the 1.5$ 90 man KO with a 15 min structure..And boyy was that a good decision or what.

I was pretty much able to erase all the losses i incured in the turbos and within a week was back to 300$.I was pretty much 6-9 tabling these and Holdem Manager was a very helpful tool in this..for the first 100 SNG's i had an ROI of 200% that too without counting the KO bouties since holdem manager does not register them.

I though of adding a few similar structure tourneys when grinding and this idea paid off huge..the very first tourney i played 2.2NL 6 max i ended up making a deal HU for a chop for 175$..i ended it in 2nd after a flip next hand .

Then the SCOOP series started and since nw i had made a BR upto 500$ i tought of taking some shots...

I played SCOOP-22-L: $27 NL Hold'em, $400K Gtd and loved the structure...i ran in the money and finished   860/25172 for $135.95.
Things were looking great .

Didnt play much of SCOOP then until the final day and came back to the 1.5$ 90mans.. something went wrong nw...either i was shoving or calling too light or it was the variance doing its turn around.I was pretty  much bubbling the money and FT's .My ROI was taking a toll plus so was my confidence.

Then the SCOOP events were coming to a close and i again started with my shot taking .PSO organised a live training session for a ticket to a 100ticket 27$ freebuy..i happened to win a seat in that. On the final day of SCOOP i played the 27$ 8 max in which i ran wasy below EV and some cooler spots.I tried a lot of 1$+R sateellites to MAIN 109$ event but to no avail and as someone has rightfully said "AN EMPTY MIND IS A DEVILS WORKSHOP".I having busted all sattelite was in the Pokerstrs lobby looking at the 109$ event and then i clicked register...I never do this..specially in tourneys...i dont register those things which are out of my BANKROLL...i guess i somewhat registered it only to unregister it in a few minutes but i guess this i am telling myself just as a moral suport..forgot abt in for like 10 min and a sound "CLICK"...and am sitting in a 109$ tourney with 15K stack...OMG.

Now done this i had no choice but to play well which i have to say i indeed did....i chippped up pretty well offcourse a donation by a guy helped when he decided to rereaise me on AK5 when i held AK and he had he calso called my shove...turn was a blank and river was A that made me the nuts..

More important than this hand was the and i didnt play..i had 87o in the BB...Action was raised to 2. in MP and LP called...when the raise happened i told myself if he gets 2 callers i will call too..he only got one caller so i folded...FLOP 6 9 10...two diamonds i would have flopped the nuts...thr was a flop raise...a reraise and a flat call...turn brought a small blank..action went check and then the late position guy bet 5k in a 30k this he got check raised shoved was very much understood when he tank folded nw that he had a flush draw even ore obvious was that the other guy had a SET on flop.Had i been in this hand i would have had a chace to triple up to 90k which at that tie as a top 100 stack...WIsh i had

Any way i still played on with almost 30k stack until i was reloated to another table with all huge stacks...I now had to play passivily and the blinds were big too now.. I doubled once with KK which was the only premier pair i got whole wourney...ahh forgot i folded QQ on a 7h8h4sQh10h board on river against two guys one had Kh4h..the other had was obvios the K4 guy had a flush thr when he reraised turn..i hpeened to lose very less that hand cause i only called the preflop utg 3x with QQ when he had AA.

Ya coming back..there were around 6k people left of the 24k that registed the event when my bustout hand happened...Huge stack in LP raises he can be doing this with any two cards..i had 44 in SB and a 15BB stack..i pondered for a sec and decided to my surprise the knit to my left snap calls..the Late postion guy Snap folds..i know am dead and am hoping for AK which i know is not gonna happen...he flips KK and a K on the flop finishes the deal for me...It was a fun ride and scoop ended at a no profit no loss for me..


I reduced my volume since Scoop and registed all the POKER SCHOOL ONLINE SERIES EVENTS that are hapening...that amounted to around 65$ seems a nice series wit hgod structure...

SO my BR now

465$ out of which 65$ registed in PSO events and so am left with 400$...

am now a Silver star at Stars and am gonna try and put insane volume in JUNE to try and becoming GOLD STAR plus make some big profit too...