This month has not gone the way i wanted it to go...i was fully focused on grinding my heart out this month so as to get into PGMP ,a program started by an Indian Online wizard "intervntion" for free tourney mentorship..



Whenever selection for that happen is not in my hand but whats in my hand has gone way south...

I have encountered the first MAJOR DOWNSWING of my so called poker trip...i lost around 150$ from my CHALLENGE BANKROLL to put me back to 100$ here

On my side roll i have lost round about 850$ all in a matter of last 15 days...Don't worry i didn't tilt it off..nor am i tilted right nw

There were certain moments had they gone my way i might have been posting my biggest heater in 15 days


In my challenge bankroll i tried my hand at 2.5$ 180mans... I got masacred here and ran brutally 18man down...few times on FT i lost AA and KK to rags at best...

Lesson-Time teaches everone a lesson and so here is mine...SIMPLE..DO IT RIGHT...i will take this as an opportunity rather than a curse...have set restrictions on my account...CASH PLO is bannned and so are higher buyin tourneys and SNG..time to get back to basics...and be ready for some sick volume coming ahead



Losing a 1000$ almost is around half of my total BANKROLL and am even more sad cause PGMP required 2k BR which i had grinded specially for this...but i trust my abilities and hope i run atleast on EV