In my last blog entry i told about how my time was being spend playing OMAHA...i started teaching it to my friends also... one of my friends thought of taking it online as well and deposited 50$ on FTP to play... I had a selfish interest behind it too..i had referred him to FTP and him making the required points meant $'s for me as well


His first session was i guess a small profit ..all the time i was on his side guiding him...only thing i couldnt convince him to do was not running from the table after a small profit...He was just leaving seats when he had position on the fishes who were potting every hand...


His second session i had a live OMAHA game to go to and being so rare i couldnt miss it for the world... He ended up "getting butchered"...his words..said 3 outered twice.. 3 outer in holdem seems bad so in OMAHA it seems its much worse feeling.. I KNOW


Atleast he stopped after losses and was able to take out the first bonus of 20$ to him and me...i will probably have to give him the 20 cause he lost around that amount.... he was pretty dissapointed at his luck WHO isnt





New month coming...this month i will try to get in a program called PGMT...its an indian prgram that gives free training to a chosen few..the coaches r all legends with sick sharkscope graphs...all the past trainees have shown sick improvement... WISH ME LUCK