As u might have read i split my BANKROLL among CASH and SNG/Tourney





I tried playing PLO on stars on the micro levels..Some things i notied pretty easily...People r waiting to flop the nuts and never gonna go all in or 3 bet with DRAWS not eve COMBO DRAWS...a 3 bet pre flop is definetly AAXX.


On the thigs i noticed for my game was i was leaking TOO MUCH money in no SHOWDOWN pots...i will put up the graph for my HOLDEM MANAGER GRAPH here




SO to end MARCH i have SNG-150$ and CASH-135$


Also so that i can get 100 Buyins into 3.5$ sng am taking out a split BUYIN backing if someone's interested.


Plans for APRIL are pretty clear...


Will start plating PSO league also.

Putting 8hrs + each day in POKER.

Will come up with a full detailed blog later but this is for starters.