I have been avoiding this Challenge for a whie now, primarly because of PLO games and live cash games happening at my place these days...BUT its time i get back to this...and what better to do so when their are additional benifits on offer...

Pokerstars recently re-started a leaderboard for ASIANS in certain micro stakes tourneys at certain timings..



This easily fits my bankroll reguirement of none of the Events being more than 2% of my Challenge Bankroll....i want to become a tourney Grinder but easy cash games and bad beats i receive in late stages of tourneys makes me tilted about them... Although i know variance will pay me huge soon and would be better if it did in the Micro Million ME

I wont play all of the events in the link and to chase the LEADERBOARD i am required to play SUNDAY-FRIDAY

so i have decided on the events i will be playing for sure for the 6 days including this coming sunday

I will be playing 6out of all those events for the week

The link to the events i am going to play