Yayyy WBCOOP started ...all ready with 10 bullets to run in it...


First event was a very nice structure bt a big turn check raise bluff and a river value bet bluff on a hand costed me pretty much all my chips... -LESSON- PEople dont fold top pair whatever happens lol

Event 2-My favourite game OMAHA was on offer here...how could i ever miss this

Played my natural PLO game...chipped up..made a solid image and then made moves around...at one point was down to 8BB with 150 left..ws 148/148 with around 108 paid if memory serves me right

Crawed back..this hand is commitment when i start it


It was a good going till bubble which was the 5.5$ SCOOP ticket...

i cleared the first cash then it was the 11$ SCOOP ticket that was gaurateed to me ...and then this happened..what was the guy even thinking..lol...our very own PSO instructor ahar010 was there to see


sad got only 11$ ticket..

THIS BEING THE FIRST 2ish outer on river..not exactly 2 bt u get my point



I wanted to play this bad but since we have only 10 tickets at disposal i chose doing a very hard decision to skip this


Event 4-PLO/NLH

This was also tough for me to skip but i had started a 2.2$ PSO tourney that had a SUNDAY MILLION TICKET on offer and was playing well there so wasn't much of a hard decision to skip this in the end



I was playing well there,,and had a pretty healthy chip stack going into FT..but two brutal hands happened back to back which i lost both even after having the guys dominated both times


Entered FT pretty short but was pretty determined to win..u can see my twitter why i was sure showing my commitment lol @jdsazpoker

played solid won a flip and a domination to get a healthy stack

was 4/4 after some time and a well time tilt call by opponent handed me the chiplead


played well and ended HU with 1:1 chip with a good read on my opponent..played like 20 hands wheere chipstack did not  change much...


i had also made note that he was raising big if i limped the BUTTON..so after losing some pots i did this..and when hence the COSTLY 2 OUTER came AGAIN...215$...was so close


GL to all those friends and aquaintances playing the SUNDAY MILLION 7TH ANI 2morrow..some other time for me then





Also i need some other help guys...am continuously trying to improve my blogs by posting graphics but i am having problems with how to put pictures in ..on how to make boom player hands directly visible instead of a link..would like if someone could post i link where i can find help..gl guys gg