As i told i would not be playing the challenge till the AOPS series ends but it seems things ended a little to early for me ..i was able to play only 3 events ...i overslept on the Event 4 ,it had no late registration...Event 5 i could not play cause i have some personal issues to attlend it didn't seem fair to play with the stakers money in only 7 events...being a 9 Event only package i thought the right thing to do would be return all the money i got from stakes..about 27% of the package and bear the almost 45$ loss since it was my fault majorly only


still the events that i played i felt i played my A game but got unlucky at crutial points..the results

Event 1-11 $ 1R they removed it from client so don't remember the rank but it was early only cost-11$
Event 2-3.3$ 1R1A came 57 45 paid cost-9.9$
Event 3-22$ came 66 54 paid cost-22$


Will still take some time returning to stars cause am still trying to get Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker for FREE by RAKEBACK...


so ADIOS till next time