I recently read abt the challenge team online pro aCOIMBRa undertook..stripping himself of SnE title coming down to Bronze and then trying to convert 100 $ to 100000$...some zeros there...pretty baller to say the least ..


So coincidentally it happened that i saw him start his challenge...nt a good first day for him as he lost 30$ playing 90 man 1$ turbos..second day he went to more lower limits of .50 cent 45 man...here's where i come in..i have deposited thrice on stars ..i lost my original 2 bullets to cash games...then my last and final deposit was a 10$ from a friend..i started grinding 1$ 45 man non turbos and ran by bankroll up through them...playing a few tourneys in between i made my bankroll into the higher 3 digits...nw that i see a pro coming down and doing what i have wanted to do for a while and going to start a parallel competition with him...HEALTHY COMPETITION...he is currently at 75$ after day 2..so am gonna myself also start with 75 $(don't want an unfair advantage of 25$ on him )

So am setting 75$ aside for this challenge..So let the games BEGIN