So recently I have been wanting to play more tables. I play mostly NL2 cash games and play 6 tables at the moment. 

I play 6 tables(tiled) as this is the most I can play on a single screen with my current max resolution(with no overlaps). I have another moniter which I can setup to add more tables but should I bother?

I will inevtiably come to this issue again if I do add the moniter but twelve tables is a while off yet. On the other hand should I just play with the tables stacked? I have never tried stacked but the issue I have is when its your turn to make a decision on a table, that table becomes active and is moved to the foreground in front of the others so it might be possible to miss a table or not give yourself enough time to react.

I'm not 100% sure if this is even an issue but its the reason I am a little reluctant to make the switch.

Does anyone else have any similar issues or advice they can give myself and others just making the switch from tiled to stacked?