So I've had little time to play any poker this week. Not 100% sure how many hands I have played because my HUD has packed in on me. My bankroll is now ~$30 and I have been playing alot of ABC poker without taking much risks.






In this post I'm just going to express how I feel about JJ and QQ and shoving with these sort of hands.

I have had a few beats with these hands and in my relatively tiny sample size I just can't make up my mind what is the right call.

An example of this would be; Playing Cash NL2.

EP player limps.

Loose player  in MP raises to 4BB

I'm on the button with  and re-raise to 14BB

Limper folds, MP player calls

Flop comes out .

Mp player checks and I raise 22BB.

MP shoves all in. Our stack sizes are close to eachother with ~100BB.

My thought process - I would of expected a re-raise if I was up against  or pre-flop. I would not of expected a call if he holds 88, 44, or 33 pre-flop. Each suit on the board is different so I disregard a flush draw and a straight draw holding becuase of my re-raise pre-flop. So I come to the conclusion(maybe a little too quickly) that he holds or and I end up calling him. He holds  and takes my stack.

If the board showed a  T, J , K or A probably would of folded. I'm still not certain if this is the correct call or not and I just got on the bad side of it. If its not then it raises another question. Should I only of called holding AA or KK?(in this situation) or should I just fold a check-raise without having the nuts?


I'm having a hard time deciding if this was a marginal play or I just made a bad call but either way it brought an end to my session that day and really got me thinking it over a few times..

If anyone has any input or can confirm I made a bad call please let me know. If you have any plays that involve AA or KK vs QQ or JJ please feel free to post them.