I'm a bit on the fence about playing poker. It was always something that stood out to me. I like skill games and I'm very competetive. I live in a small town in the back-end of Ireland so there isn't many(if any) poker players in my area(AFAIK). I have played playmoney a little before and was relatively successful at it. I made the hop to go for real money and deposited $10 into my account. Needless to say I wasn't prepared for this at all and that $10 lasted me no time at all. I had to up my game.






I read alot of forums posts, watched alot of videos and read a few books on poker. I wasn't prepared to put more money into my account until I had a better understanding of how to play properly. After reading alot of useful information I thought it was time and I deposited $15 into my account. Playing the micros with my new knowledge I managed to get this up to $35 within ~10k hands. Taking my time and observing more than anything. Thats when it all went down hill. I got a bad beat and it just messed up my whole state of mind affecting my game. I pushed all in on AA and lost to 8 6 unsuited and it made me rage inside.


That $35 soon became $20 within the hour. I just couldn't stop myself. That $20 soon became $5 and that $5 became nothing. I was beat. Felt beat and never wanted to play another hand again. I took a break from poker for a few months until I felt I was in the right mind state to play again.


I deposited another $10 into my account and promised myself if it doesn't work out this time I won't play again. I have played a couple thousand hands since and I am now up to $20 dollars. I play 5 tables on the smallest microstakes. Fingers crossed.