Coming off a second place finish in PSO TCOP event #9, I decided to late reg event #10, the team bounty event. Despite being short on time, I couldn't pass up the chance for a few extra leaderboard points.

I was pleased to find myself seated at a table with ChewMe1. I immediately set out to battle with him. I picked up a few premium hands early and chipped up putting myself in a perfect position to bust him if the stacks went in. Stack depths were against me though and our table broke before an opportunity arose.

I kept an eye on his stack in the lobby and we both chipped up throughout the tournament. A lucky table break found us seated at the same table once again. I was in a decent position being in the cutoff seat during his big blind. Stacks were getting short as blinds rapidly increased. ChewMe1 seemed to be in push/fold mode. I suspected that he was looking to get called light due to his bounty. However, I could not call him light, as I was short too.

The bustout hand came with ChewMe1 shoving just under 12BBs from UTG+1:



After a quick fist pump, I shoved over the top for my remaining few chips and the big blind folded. A ten on the flop provided a minor sweat but my queens held and ChewMe1 hit the rail. There was no time for celebration though. We were 4 off the money and it was time to get back to business.