The video to which I am referring is the Micro Stake 90 Man SnG video by ChewMe1. In this video, he 4-tables 90-man SnGs with buy-ins ranging from $0.25-$2.50. Multi-table SnGs are a great way for MTT players to practice their game while reducing the variance associated with larger field tournaments.

ChewMe1 touches on important strategies associated with micro stakes poker including playing ABC poker, standard pre-flop raise amounts, paying attention to your opponent's tendencies and making notes, and starting hand selection based on your position. Certain hands even illustrate how these strategies relate to each other.

One thing to note is some of the hands he is folding in 'marginal' (a term he is not fond of) spots. Players often get into trouble by playing hands in marginal spots. Playing these hands will often cost players their tournament but ChewMe1 reinforces the importance of folding in these spots. I'll bet you would like some examples of the hands to which I am referring. You'll have to watch the video and see for yourself!

If you like MTTs and want to practice your game but feel you need a refresher on some basics, check out his video at I hope to see you at the tables.