I'm talking about my blog of course. This is only my 3rd post of the month. As I said in an earlier post, I'd like to update a minimum of 4 times per calendar month.

Anyway, it's been a rough ride since my last post. Although I've managed to net a small profit overall, I can't recall the last time I've run so bad. I'm getting my money in as a significant favourite a majority of the time but my (top) sets are being cracked by back doors left and right. My aces are getting cracked by A,x through 4 card flushes and straights. It's been a challenge to keep my cool. Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a rant post so let's move on.

I was on my way to a deep run in the NAPL Rookie tournament last night. I'd been playing fairly tight the entire tournament and with just over 100 to go and my 3rd or 4th PP in X+1 hands, I decided to make a move in the BB. This proved to be my demise. I had 8,8 with both the button and SB limping in before me preflop. I had them both covered and decided make a pot sized raise (or so). To my surprise I got 2 callers. The flop came A,A,rag rainbow. The SB led into me. I decided he didn't have an ace so I smooth called. The button was committed and called off the rest of his stack.. The SB checked the turn and I decided that he definitely didn't have an ace. I bet enough to put him in and he called with JJ. He made a bad call (IMO) given the action but he took down the side pot. The button ended up having A,9o and took down the main pot. This left me fairly short. I hung on for 30ish more places.

I was in a few other tournaments so I kept my eye on the caller who busted me. I wanted to see if he made a loose call against me or if I misplayed the hand. He ended up flushing his stack with 10,10 against A,K where he donk bet into the preflop raiser again, this time for all of his chips, on a K,x,x board. He was well covered and didn't need to make the move with his stack size.

Those are the highlights of the past couple of weeks. I'll talk to you all in February. Good luck at the tables.