Not much has happened since my last post. I'm trying to commit myself to at least 4 blog updates per month even if things are slow.

I had a pretty good weekend. I've been playing a few PSO Skill League tournaments in order to qualify for the warm-ups for next month. After 5 tournaments, my points are high enough to qualify. Shooting for the leaderboard doesn't seem feasible at this point due to an inactive December. I would need to place in the top 200 for even a small prize.

I played in the freeroll on Sunday. I had registered for the tournament before going out for dinner. I ended up being late. When I logged in, I found myself posting the small blind with 155 chips behind. The blinds were 150/300 with an ante of 25. I looked down at suited 1 gapers (5,7d). Everyone folded to the button who was sitting out but returned just in time to put his remaining 300 chips in the pot. Finding myself committed with any 2 cards, I shoved over the top with a whole 5 chips. The big blind just happened to be sitting out so his hand was folded. My opponent flipped over J,5o and I thought for sure that I was done. However, a flopped gutshot, turned straight, and blank on the river left me holding the winning hand and raking in a pot of 1125.

Still short, I knew I wouldn't last long. There were still 4000 people to go before the money hit. I woke up with A, K and doubled again the very next hand. I ended up all in again on the next hand holding 8,8. This time nobody called me and I picked up the blinds. I felt comfortable that I could make the money at this point.

However, a run of very bad cards resulted in me mostly folding. With about 200 people to go and 1100 chips remaining, my big blind post put me all in with 10,7o. Nobody entered the pot and I took it down. I'm still not sure why the small blind folded. The money bubble burst a few hands later at 2475 people. I went on to finish 718th/24750 and took down $0.52.

The completion of the tournament left me feeling a little nostalgic. I started my bankroll from nothing in a .tv freeroll almost a year ago to the day. For any of you wanting to turn 0 into substance, tournaments such as these are a must.