Welcome to my blog. I thought that writing down my thoughts might help improve my game. Anyway, here's the first post.

I've been playing the PCA Fantasy Final Freerolls every Sunday on PokerStars. I've played all but one so far. Today, I was feeling pretty good about my chances. I had already cashed in a few of them and this time I wanted more than a cash. I wanted a deep run. I was playing well; making good laydowns and one amazing semi-bluff where I was sure I was going to have to split the pot if it went to showdown.

Anyway, with 30% of the field left and 17BBs, I woke up with KK in the BB. A player who hadn't made any noticeable mistakes opens for 5x the BB from early position. I decide he's got a big pair or a big ace. I don't feel that I have any fold equity at this point (I've only got 3k behind) so I decide to just call and shove if an ace doesn't hit on the flop. Sure enough, the board comes 10,10,3 with 2 clubs. Since I wasn't putting him on any hand with a 10 preflop, I feel confident that I can get him off the hand if he has a big ace. If he has a big pair, the only hand that has me is AA. I donk bet shove and he thinks for about 10 seconds. He calls and flips over AA with both of my suits dominated (my back door club draw is no good).

Anyway, I was pretty crushed. I'm now wondering if I could have played it differently or if there is any way I could have laid it down. I'm open to any comments people may have.