Hey everyone,

I decided to start writing this blog as a way of organizing my poker thoughts after a big win or a big loss or if something totally crazy happens while I'm at the tables. As the title suggests I'm a micro-stakes player trying to grind my way to the upper levels (though at the rate I'm going that could be a while yet!). I play regularly in $7 sit and go's as I feel I'm definitely more of a tournament player rather than a cash game player though I am trying to change that.

I also play in low-level MTT's in an attempt to build the bankroll with deep cashes but those have been few and far between, or at least less often than I would like. I'm not sure how often I'll be posting as I don't want to post everyday even if nothing of interest happens but I don't want to post so sporadically that people would be able to follow it. 

This is probably something I should have thought of before starting this blog but anyway, I'll try and be interesting enough at the tables so I have something to write about and interesting enough on here so people can enjoy it.

Let me know if anyone has any advice on grinding sit and go's or would just be generally intersted in following along.

Thanks, JCJordypants.