April 2012 now... past 2 months has been much of the same... getting beaten by players taking wild chances against my solid hands... but today is my first game of April and things looked good.  Was wise enough in the early running to fold my AQ when the flop had nothing and buddy shoved big.  A couple hands later, I get AA and bet 3BB to indicate I was serious.  2 players call me. Flop is 2-3-Q, all different suits, so I shove it all-in and get called by someone with a Q (which is exactly what I was hoping for). He is holding Q5 suited... who calls this pre-flop when someone goes 3BB? I think I'm laughing until 2 more cards match his flush and I'm gone!  I am sick and tired of having some donkey out-luck my good hands.  Perhaps poker isn't my game? I'm making good calls but over and over I have someone whose playing bingo beat me on a regular basis.  I'm thinking of folding it up and moving on as luck clearly beats skill on any given day.

Sign me  'sick of having some bingo player defeat me'