Wow. November hates me. Playing the same style as worked last month, I am again and again getting my hat handed to me on the way to an early exit. Today, lost with both KK and QQ but the QQ hurt worst. The flop was 10-10-rag and the other player raised. I have a higher pair and I'm thinking no way she met my original bet with 10, so she hasnt got one... so I met her, having to go all-in with my QQ (and only fearing the remote chance of KK or AA).  I was right about no 10... she had KK. I was out of another game in the first hour.

The whole month is treating me this way (see my other post).  It's getting hard to go with my gut when it keeps making me throw up. Last month these moves gave me victory and I scored top 500 in the league.  This month is likely a demotion to Open league. 

I know that poker includes an element of luck and I am making all the moves to ensure I put myself in favourable positions... but wow, I just cannot buy a good finish this month. 

Anyway... the learning continues.  This month's lesson... take a breath, sometimes your luck is not going to match your skill.

See you at the tables.

Next day:  Blerg!! How can it continue?? Served up a QQ in the first 15 minutes, quiet table... so I'm thinking, this is good news.  Bet 3BB and get called... so I'm thinking buddy has something serious as most play at this stage is pretty quiet.  Flop delivers nothing but little rags, no chance of str8 or flush... so I shove 6BB... and get raised.  Now... hindsight tells me to think before I bet... does he really have something?  But my immediate mind thinks... 'got him!'... after all, who bets big with little cards pre-flop?  Well... this guy does.  He had trips on me and my game went in the tank AGAIN this month.  I've been losing on AA, KK, QQ... pretty much every time I get a strong hand, I die.  I'm considering Tilting next game... it cannot get worse! AAAAARRRRGGGG!

Next day:  wow... in BB with JJ, buddy on the button shoves hard at me to steal my blinds (seen it before)... but I know based on history he has maybe a-rag.  SB re-raises but I have a strong pair, so I figure my hand will be strong enough to get a big pot.  Buddy on the button goes all-in, which i know is a mistake.  So does the SB... again, huge pot and I have a big pair, so I call all-in. the button has a-rag (as expected) and the SB has k-10... what was he thinking? Bloody bingo players! I'm golden... until the river hits a K.  Dammit... is every right move the wrong move? Tilt is looking mighty good right now! 

If anyone reading this feels like me this month... I'd love to hear your story.

April 2012 now... past 2 months has been more of the same but today is my first game of April and things looked good.  Was wise enough to fold my AQ when the flop had nothing and buddy shoved big.  A couple hands later, I get AA and bet 3BB to indicate I was serious.  2 players call me. Flop is 2-3-Q, all different suits, so I shove it all-in and get called by someone with a Q (which is exactly what I was hoping for). He is holding Q5 suited... who calls this pre-flop when someone goes 3BB? I think I'm laughing until 2 more cards match his flush and I'm gone!  I am sick and tired of having some donkey out-luck my good hands.  Perhaps poker isn't my game? I'm making good calls but over and over I have someone whose playing bingo beat me on a regular basis.  I'm thinking of folding it up and moving on as luck clearly beats skill on any given day.