Well now this is my weekly $20 live game on a Tuesday. Fish and Chips for dinner, a couple of beers and a game of Poker with a great group of poeple at the local club. Usually 25 to 40 players with up to 8 per table. Final table of 8 get their buy in for next week and top 3 cash.

I just made final table and with a lot of "luck" got to final 4, the cash bubble. I was big blind (600) and had another 3BB left. Two players fold and SB calls having about 6BB. He is an aggressive player and would have raised with a wide range at this stage of the game. I had A9 suited and went all in thinking he had nothing and would likely fold but NO he called with 69 off and hit a straight on the river with a 7.

Q. Should I have raised or waited until the flop which did not help me and might have let me fold amd live to fight another hand.