Its the year 2001.Life is good.I was blessed with everything a man could ask for. The best Father & Mother in the world.The most beautiful girlfriend, fiancee & Mother of my children i could ask for.Great job, fairly well off and at the prime in my life. I was so fit and strong, playing all kinds of sports,jogging and staying fit.My health and mental health was incredible.I had the most handsome son being my first born who i am the most proud of along with my youngest child who came later.


During this time i just discovered poker online, well sorta. I briefly played at a friends house before this. Thats what got me to get the internet.I wanted to play online whenever i wanted and develop my skill as a player to become the best in the world.I got the poker bug!

I honestly believe i went to become the best player in the world at the time.I played everything and i mean everything across the board.

When playing i could not lose, even when i would make a mistake i would still win.It was a insane run.I never deposited once and racked up my account to millions of dollars upon millions of dollars.

Fast Forward to August 29,2001 , post Septmeber 11,2001. This day is the day i was forced to play a hand i didnt want to play.I didnt want to play at all.I was gonna be forced to play this hand if i liked it or not.

I had a life changing accident at work.I would never be the same again.My back was broken.Its never been the same again.Never recovered from my injuries still today and ongoing.This is only the begining of what horrors & turn of events that were to come.WCB (WorkSafe BC) was gonna deny everything and deny me my insurance and all my rights.

I have had to use all my life savings,endure the injuries and learn to live with them and not be able to work with no income whatsoever.I depleted all my life savings.I lived off no income for the next 5 years.Then forced to go on social assistance or welfare.Then finally on a small pension.

During this turmoil, i have lost the mother of my children. I had to go to court and put thru the hell of Family Court. Its the worst thing you will go thru in life.They kidnap your kids.Your helpless.The truth doesnt get heard and lies are believed over the truth.Enough of that for now.

On top of this i have been forced to go thru fake courts and appeals that are controled by the evil entity WorkSafe BC.A hell.I have been forced to play this hand i didnt want to play.My life is on the line,my kids lives are on the line, my family, my fiancee, my mental health, my health,my financial security for me and my family.

On top of this.Lets go back to me winning the millions online.I wont say exactly how much, but millions upon millions.Very rich.Yes i know what you saying this guys full of it.The choice is yours to believe or not.Its the truth.

I went to cashout this money.Guess what happened? Every single site was very young and just starting to grow.They were very small at the time. Itty  bitty little babies. They would not give me my money.It was insane.All this money online and on the site i couldnt have or take.They would nt give me money and it was more than one site.I pleaded and swore and got so mad.It was my money.

They ignored me and ignored me. Looking back i know why.It would of bankrupt them.The company would of dissolved.Or they would of had to give me part ownership or a percentage.I had 32 million dolars locked up.And they wouldnt give me what was mine.

They never did give me my money.These same sites operate today and went to become leaders in the industry.If i had my money they owed. I would of been into my live career.I would of been champion of the WSOP. I know for sure.I would of been known like the superstars today or legends.I honestly believ i would be in the Hall of Fame today or already.Instead these same sites go on to be big make millions or billions.When little do people know these same sites stole from me and crushed my dreams of becoming the best in the world.One of these companies tried to offer me 32 million dollars.I told them no.Why? Would you wanna play for a site that did this to your life or dream? Theres only one way i would sign with this site.Percentage of ownership and the money that was stolen from me.Then and only then would i sign and be a ambassador to them.Then the world will know whos the best in the world.I beat the best of the best.Not gonna name drop.But i beat them all.They are all scared oif me.They dont want me up on the pedestal because of jealousy.I truly believe this.I am the best in the world.The sites have kept my story under wraps.But wait a second.The 50th Anniversary of the WSOP is coming up.I will descend for the first time.I will win the WSOP and win some bracelets.Cause i know i can.I am the best.I know what i am capable of.Then the world will know my story.The sites will be shaking in their boots.When i win i will tell the world everything about what happened.With WCB and the sites.It will be on a book shelf.Just watch and see.Just watch and see.

The hand i didnt want to play.

In the end i will have the Nut Royal Flush.Then my glory i so deserved will be given.

JBCD71 & figure out the rest.