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                                                                                Today i found myself thinking about how far the industry has come since the days when online poker first started around the year 2000.I can because i been playing since it all began.When it first started out in was in the test phase.Then the real fun began. I remember playing with the best of the best and some players who are great ambassadors to the game today. I played with all the great names in poker today.I will not name drop here.But i can say some are Legends,Hall of Famers,Superstars.

When the game was still young in regards to online of course.The fields were so small. PokerStars for example was so easy back then.It was a atm machine for seasoned players.Party Poker at the time was the number one site.I also played on many of the other sites like Paradise Poker,Players Only..etc ect.I have played on every site back in the day..

When i was younger in the 80s &90s i would only play recreationally with friends, always winning all the time.My passion grew for the game from there.At that time live games where i lived were scarce.Not many people played, but when the oppurtunity came my friends knew i would be the first one there.I always thought to myself how i wished there was more games to play but wasnt available.

When i discovered online it was like when you open a suit case or walk into a room full of Gold and shining so bright it blinds you.It was my key to the room or suit case.The flood gates were open.

I started to play on PokerStars and it was incredible.I accumulated insane amounts of money.Money that could change my life,families and so many people around me.My skill & luck was just too much for anyone at the time.Even some of the pros could not handle my skill and luck.Some of them are considered to be the best of the best in the world.

Recalling some statements made by them like how do you do it every time.Have to admit i was on a huge rush of luck and cards.But my skill combined with it brought my game to a level that was hard to compete with and would frustrate alot of them. in turn putting them on tilt.

You have to realize at that time there was no huds helping players like today.Point in my opinion, Huds are cheating and cant believe sites allow this.Some Huds today reveal what you fold or had prior to the end of the hand and much more.How can a site allow a player to see what hand i held prior to the next hand.Its giving information that he normally wouldnt have in turn , turning a mediocre player to a player at a higher level.Thats another story.

Since then the game has evolved to insane hieghts.Theres Hud software for almost anyone and gives them tools to use that is insane compared to back in the day.In order for the game to have credibility online again they first need to get rid of the Huds first and foremost.I dont believe for one second that its hard to do.Bunch of hogwash.

One thing i see happening is being more friendly to the rec player and accomadating them, which i called for so many years. Glad they did, but not till they noticed where the game is going which is unfortunate.But glad they finally see the light.

The industry has had so many bad faith sites,players representing these sites.Players cheating on sites.

One thing some sites in the begining did was allow anyone to sign up a account. I mean anyone. They would allow you to make a account and not have to submit any governemnt documentation to prove you are who you say you are.This opened the door to youngsters opening a account and fraudantly aquiring money that they should not of been allowed to do.

The industry needs to correct this if they havent already.Why would a site not want to do this? It would ensure that the person playing is who they say they are.Stoping  youngsters or underaged players from playing or aquiring money unlawfully from other players.

The industry got way too greedy when the Moneymaker effect kicked in.Gonna let you in on a little secret. I was the guy who lost to Moneymaker winning the satellite to the WSOP. I didnt have a passport at the time and didnt want to be known at the time.I am a very private person, so i let him have it and gave it to him. Looking back was it a smart thing to do? I have no regrets.Enough of that.Nobody cares about who comes second.LOL

In order for the game to go where its going.The sites need to be more credible.More accomadating to all players, but mostly more towards the recs.Without the fish there is no game anymore.

It really hurt me when i seen sites shutting down,stealing players money, professional players representing these sites that have done shady business.So called professionals.Alot of these players knew they were playing for illegal sites at the time and some how got away with it.

In order for the game to go to the great levels we once seen, we will need not another moneymaker effect. We will need for the the sites to be more legal,honest,caring and accomadating the recreational players.Making sure proper identification is supplyed in order to make a account.We here storys of young underage players earning crazy amounts of money they won fraudantly.

Well thats my blog. I hope the game will be better and not hear of anymore scandals.There has just been so many.Putting a black mark on poker online.This is why poker is in the state it is in.Its due to the sites that operated illegally,did shady business, had scandal after scandal.I blame them for the state its in.But slowly they have come around to what i been saying all along.

If only they listened.But the money that was coming in plugged there ears and didnt care.Nice to see the ball has been dropped.It will be better for the game in the long haul.It will take sometime.But the sites are back on track.Lets all hope they stay on the right track and online poker will flourish for the better.Hence lining their pocketbooks & better for all.

See you at the felts,

                                   My screen name SUPERMAN forgot the rest.LoL And JBCD71