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I have got that itch again to write something so here i am. Today i would like to touch up on the recent actions that happened at the last WSOP Main Event with Will Kassouf.

Thou my title states The evolving of the game and its about speech play. I know , i know you gonna say its been around for a long time and not new. Your right it has. But speech play does evolve and is good for the game entertainment wise & strategy of course.

People wanna see the banter between players. Using the pyschology part of it. I truly believe in this strategy & use it in my game and in my arsenal bag of tricks. Its entertaining & fun to watch.

This makes it fun again & what poker needs. Of course theres a line or border you dont wanna cross.

Certainly Wills was borderline at times.I am one of those players who likes to find out evertything about a player & i mean everything. It paints a picture of what your up against. The more complete that picture is you as a player can use that to your advantage.

Back to speech play. When talking to a player he can give you alot of information to solve your equation or figure out what he has.You can get in their heads. Once you get in thier heads its all over for them every time.I see it time and time again.A guy goes on tilt lose lots of chips or all of them for that matter.Our game needs more players like this who are willing to talk or use the speech play strategy. We see alot of the pros or the best of the best doing this when its aired on the tele.Its very entertaining and fun to watch.To play in it is even better.

About the tanking part of Will Kassouf sometimes i can understand both sides of the equation or arguments i should say.At times it seemed he was wasting time with some bad hands and tanking long in some players opinions. I understand that. But why cant we understand that it is ok. after all i sometimes get those bad hands and take a bit extra time to decide if its the right time or not to play it or make that big bluff with it.

We see pros playing these hands and hitting it. It is possible to play those bad hands everyone thinks are stupid to play.I been playing long enough to know that there is those times to play those lousy hands like everyone likes to call them. They hit when you pick the right time and it feels really good to. So i encourage more players to talk at the tables more.Thats what the game is about talking being social meeting all walks of life.Making new friends. Of course when doing speech play its important to do it respectivly.So next time you see me at the tables say hi & feel free to chat if you like.

See at the felts,