Hey my fellow cummunity members,

Today i wanted to touch on what my title entails. Its something not talked about very much, like sounds of crickets on a calm summer night.

When playing live i find body language is so crucial and developing like a sixth sense.It even becomes useful when meeting someone for the first time in person. Our brains autmatically analyze the persons movements and voice. Some might not notice or simply not have this gift.

A person sweating can sometimes be a sign of nervousness and doesnt want to be called or because he knows he is beat. Theres many aspects to this. I suggest in a tournament you take the time you have , which you will have depending on the structure.

Every indidual has different tells. I have played with many players live. Watching on tv and videos, you see everyone with tells and including pros. I analized countless videos.I got the advantage.

When you find it ,you tuck it away nicely in your pocket.

In everyday life this can even be very useful as well and good practice.Daniel one of the best in the game, if not The best in my book. Myabe certainly top 3. No disrespect to Daniel.

Do i need to say which one. Come on theres only 1. Yes the ''KIDPOKER''.

Anyways he likes to talk to them .Feel them out, like what they do ,where they from . Family etc..etc you know the rest.He has a gift for that. Thats one of the reasons why hes so dangerous.

A persons eyes are a players window to their soul. You can see if they are lieing, being decietful.

Thier voice .Oh their voice will quiver with nervousness.Sometimes a frog in their throat.

The worst ones will say things like its my money.LOL. As if they are saying it to convince themselves.

I look forward to seeing anyone from across the board live including pros, even the ones who hide behind thier sunglasses like cowards who know they have a tell.Thats ok there is ways around that. Facial expressions.

See you at the felts.