Hello everyone and fellow cummunity members.

Its been awhile since my last blog. Been busy spending time with my kids. Life is good in some ways. My children are back in my life and feeling blessed.

I have decided to make a some goals and things i have wanted to do for quite sometime.

Making the decision to appear at the WSOP has been a long time dream of mine.After all i play the game for the love i have for it.The passion i have for it would exceed a majority of its fans and players.I truly play the game for the love of it.

For example I am also a huge fan of Hockey. The Stanley Cup to me is no different than The Braclet to me in Poker.

My first appearance at the 50 Th Anniversary of WSOP will be checking off alot of things on my Buckit List.

1. First time touching feet on American soil. (I have dreamnt of visiting the United States since i was a child.) I always been in awe of such a beautiful  Country.

2. First WSOP appearance & Officially my first Live appearance playing Pro.

3.First time visiting Las Vegas. (Been a dream of mine to live there & go Pro)

4.Last but not least by far. My First WSOP bracelet. ( show the World & Poker Cummunity my craft and play for the game.)

Three out of the four are for sure check marks , hopefully number four becomes a reality.Its been my dream to do this.Its been planned for a long time.I have put the time and studying in.Played millions & millions of hands to prepare for this moment.

What better time to introduce my game , persona , character & personality to the game. The 50 TH Anniversary is the time.Its been a long road. See you there fellowcummunity members. Feel free to say hi at the tables.