I sit here looking at a clear glass of water. It amazes me how it is possible to see through the glass & see whats on the other side.

Sure it may be a little out of focus sometimes and others clear as day. Depending on how close or far away your looking at the glass of water and attempting to see through it.

If you look to closely it can become blurry and out of focus. Then if you adjust the space between you and the glass you can have a clearer vision of whats on the other side.

Looking at poker and all aspects of the game, it can be alot similiar.In order for you to win at the game of poker you must have a clear vision of whats ahead or in front of you.

When the vision is not so clear and out of focus you must adjust accordingly to gain the vision of whats on the other side.What i mean by this is through out the time you play poker in a tournament or cash game. Your focus will become blurry and you will need to adjust this accordingly or have so much control of it that you will not have to focus , because you will be so in tune with the game that your focus or vision will remain intact.Hence it will all come naturally at some point once you hone the skill to do it like most pros can. Even some pros cant get a grip on this skill.

To get a skill of this nature takes trial & errror. Playing millions or hundreds of thousands of hands can surely help.

Personally myself i prefer the glass is half full, its alot more clearer and easier to focus and see whats on the other side. Thats another blog in the future maybe i can talk about. LOL

Hope this blog helps a player open his miind to a different way of thinking when playing poker.

See you at the tables JBCD71