Hi again everyone,

                               Back again with a update with my PSO League. Moved up to 183 TH  Place so far.

Coming second recenlty in one of my most recent tournaments moved me up sustantially in the Rankings.Coming second really hurt.I soo wanted to win badly.

To me coming in second in a Tournament  is no different than finishing last. To have that taste of Victory above all , theres nothing like it.I have a sour taste in my mouth cause i had my opponent out chipped by three to one in my chip stack size.

I guess i need to work on my heads up skills a little more and will be trying to close up this gap for future heads up scenarios. I find my decision making has been on cue. I can tell you one thing. It sure helps to luck out on the river sometimes for your your life of the tournament.

From my experience playing these i find its much better to triple up or more early in the tournaments to insure the (insurance scenarios) i talked about in my earlier blog.

Also been taking some notes on players for future  information in playing them or finding them at my table.When i say my table i mean my table. LOL. I like to try and take control of the table and be the Captain. Shows everyone whos boss and instill's some fear or making my opponent think twice of playing me.In doing so , it gives me oppurtunities to steal pots with weak hands.Mentioning this in my blog and giving free information does not bother me. I am confident in my game, thou it can always need some plugging up of holes or leaks.

After playing so many games and practicing my game. Finding a groove is coming more & more frequent.

At this moment my game is around the B Level. Not playing for a awhile may of helped or not. Remains to be seen. One thing i do know. Being away from the game has brought back the passion and determination i find i was missing.

When my A game is on. It can be frightening for my opponents and even myself.

White Magic. Like Mr Hellmuth talks about can be something amazing.When you have that White Magic. Its something of Greatness & very special.Almost like you are doing everything right picking your spots and dodging your opponents and hands.Getting lucky doesnt hurt either.This is something i will elaborate more on in my next Blog.Look for it Coming Soon. Titled  (White Magic).

I look forward to seeing you guys at the tables or reading some of your blogs.

Look for me or watch out for me at the tables.