Hello my fellow bloggers and players.

I decided to write a blog of my determination to climb the ladder of the PokerSchoolOnline Leaderboard Points for Tournaments.

So far its been going well. I been especially trying to be as consistent as possible of doing well in the tournaments and trying to win each tourney or go as far as possible to place.

As of today September 9, 2015 i am in 299 th place with time left in the month to climb to the top.

If i can win or place at the final table in one of these it could move me quite high up the ladder but it aint easy.I am planning on doing some studying and plugging up some holes in my game to help me place higher.

I been finding that my game needs to take more calculated risks to build my stack more to get me further and able to afford some mistakes with insurance.By insurance i mean having such a big enough stack that i can afford to make a few mistakes or risks without being knocked out of the tourney.Or to help build my stack even further.

If any PSOers see me at the tables i challenge you to call my bets or allins.LOL

Hoping to climb to the top of the mountain.

See you at the tables JBCD71.