Its a beautiful Sunday morning and a great day to be alive.

Starting out the day with a cup of java in one hand and a thing called a mouse in the other.I can here the sounds of my coffee maker brewing my coffee with that special aroma that just makes me feel good.

The bleep sound comes on alerting me the tourney is about to start .Cards are a flying like trapeez artists in a circus.My eyes open wide to see what has been thrown my way.

Its always nice when its a top ten starting hand , but we all know we have to mix it up with other hands if you wanna have any chance of survival.

I hear the swoosh after being dealt pocket aces. A smile comes across my face. How do i play them?

Playing them aggressive before the flop gets me a all in push from my opponents Big Blind with the sounds of chips moving to the inner circle of the table.

This was music to my ears as you know i decided to do the same. The sounds of chips falling in my direction is always nice. When everything is going right its like a euphoria or zen like.This is rare in poker , unless you are controlling the outcome to an extent.

What i mean by controlling the outcome is by playing your game for what you know is the right move or play. You cant always worry about how your opponent is playing.By doing so your opponent begins to play your game and develpoes a fear , after all hes not playing his own game which makes him nervous or uncomfortable. When you have achieved this you are controling your opponent.

I always love it when your opponent makes a out of ordinary move on the river and totally feels like a bluff. When i guess right i know i am doing something good.

The next time you play poker . Take my advice and listen to all those little sounds and  sights of cards and chips flying. Once your zoned in look for bets that are being made and  the sounds of the chips it just might help you figure out if your opponent is bluffing or made a hand. The timing and the way he bets might to give you that hint your looking for.


JBCD71  ( See you at the tables)