Are you sitting comfortably?  If you are then we will begin.



When preparing for a important tournament or any tournament that you want to win the number one important thing to know is what i call ''The End of the Begining''.

You need to believe & visulaize into the future and the past that has'nt began or beginned.

Confused?  Let me clear it up for you if you are.

Imagine that you won the tournament. Picture yourself standing there after it's all been said and done.Your the last man standing.The Champion & bragging rights .

After you have done this reverse it like a movie.Imagine you going through the tournament in reverse, like when you rewind a movie and see everything going in reverse until you hit the start of the tournament when you first sit down.Doing this many times over & over in your head will only help you be in the right state of mind when you begin the tournament.

Make sure you have ate a well balanced meal a hour before the tournament. Going for a nice long walk the night before helps you calm your mind , i know it helps me.

Without having Focus, its detrimental to your survival.You need to be 150 percent totally focused like a ninja.By being this focused you should see how a player is playing at your table making notes of what hands hes playing with when getting a chance to see them at showdown.Sometimes certain betting patterns can give away the value of his hand or what hand he is holding.

Now that you have visualized youself doing it.Its now up to you putting your skills to the task.Always stay positive and never get distracted from your goal.Always look ahead one step at a time.Dont dwell on badbeats or how a hand played out.Save that for after you win the tournament.

This has worked for me in the past.I hope it works for you. I intend to use this preparation the next time i play.I seen myself win already.It so much greater when it actually happens.

Coming this Saturday i am gonna takedown the tournament.After all, i have already.The other players just dont know it yet.


Remember Play Hard , Play Cool & Have fun.

See you at the tables and felt ,