Hey everybody!

Just wantted to mention The promotion for the NHL Alumni Freeroll & qualifying rounds to get to the Final on April 4th,2015. Its for Canada players only.I was one of the first to qualify to the second round and the Final.As of right now theres only 98 players in the Final.

On April 2, 2015 is the Final Second Round qualifier.Top 50 players in the second round will make it to The Final. So potentially there will be 148 players in the Final unless a player qualifies in the second round that made it to the Final already lessening the Pool of players.

LoL.I qualified for every second round and will be playing in the last second rounder.

The prizes are gonna be awesome.I am totally looking forward to the Final on April 4 th ,2015 for $10,000.

This can potentially Build my Bankroll for a huge chunk of cash if i can at least make the money.

But i will be playing for the win. First place can win at least a couple or few thousand dollars.This is a huge payday for not costing anything to enter except a players time.

Thank -you PokerStars for this great Promo! I look forward to showing my skill and trying with all i got to take it down and be Canada's Champion for the NHL Alumni Freeroll.

Its been alot of fun to play and look forward to alot more exciting fun in The Final.

Look for me in the Final my screen ID is JBCD71.


Play Hard, Stay cool, and have fun

See you at the felts & tables...   JBCD71