I begin writing my blog like i start the begining of the many tournaments i play. It starts with a calmness and patience waiting for the oppurtunity to show itself using the right thought process.

In order to go for the win when playing a long drawn out tournament with thousand of players you need to be focused just like the same when making a painting or masterpiece.In order to make a masterpiece it takes time and a thought process of what you would like to paint and what it's gonna take to get you to the final process of finishing that one masterpiece of a painting.When painting a masterpiece theres so many different strokes, for instance theres short ones,long ones,slow ones & quick ones etc etc if you get my point.

Now take poker for instance.Its somewhat the same in alot of ways, but instead of painting strokes its more like streaks,bets,folds depending how slow or fast you bet & fold.Streaks would be in the order of what kind of hands your getting and how often you are getting the good ones.

Even sometimes running into painters block sorta like writers block when you can't write anything on paper and no ideas are coming to you except its what you wanna paint.

To me in Poker this would be like one of those days when you just cant win even when your doing everything right.

For those of you out there who have taken down a tournament with 10,000 players or for any amount of players and wininng it all , you can be on the same page as me when i say that it felt like you created a true masterpiece and did everything right to get to the win.

I personally like to call it a Picasso Masterpiece when i take down any tournament with a huge amount of players.Its like a Euphoria!

To me its a great feat and something i long for when i am determined and on my A game.These kind of moments give me true satisfaction to what i have accomplished as a player.It shows me my practice , playing & learning are paying off.

Its just like a painter in a way who keeps trying and painting over and over till he gets that one painting that hes truly proud of and excels all the rest he has painted in the past.

Thou its been awhile since i did a Picasso and wininng a tournament in poker. I know one is always just around the corner with my persistance and determination.Over time playing so many i know its gonna happen just like it always has in the past.

Its just a matter of time.

Stay cool, Stay Calm and have fun.

See you at the tables,  JBCD71