This Blog is to start the debate on who is the best poker player in the world?

I sat back in my chair and thought about this for awhile & it aint a easy task to figure out who is the best player in the world.Also how and what credentials is a player going to have to be considered to be the best.

Does winning the WSOP Main Event mean you are the best in the world ? It may be at that giving time winning the tournament he is considered to be the Champion of the world but is he the best in the world? I think not.

To come to the conclusion of who it is ,what formula will you use? Would it be how many bracelets,tournament winnings,cash winnings,tournament wins etc etc.

Would it also include how the player carries himself in the public eye or industry and as a Ambassador.For instance the great Phil Hellmuth seems to think hes the best cause of how many bracelets he has.Dont get me wrong he puts up a great reason.His bracelets say alot.

To be considered the best, does being inducted in the Hall of Fame have to be one of the credentials?

For me it would have to be solely on the players gameplay and winnings,bracelets,trophies.Even thou they are a big statement to prove the player is truly the best in the world.

My recommendation is to hold a Best in the World tournament once a year.To enter this tournament each & every player has to be invited by the The Tournament panel consisting of five well respected individuals from the industry.With one invite going to who the poker industry players and cummunity give the most votes to who they think is the Best in the World.It would be interesting to see if they are right & that player was to win the tournament being named the Best in the World.

There would only be 200 players allowed to be invited.Obviously the players picked would be the Best of the Best across the world.Could you imagine some of the faces you would see in this tournament.It certainly would be entertaining thats for sure.I can see it now the Trophy would be a Globe of the World with the Royal Flush of Spades across of it.What better than the best hand in poker to represent the Best player also with the World Globe.

Heres some of the names i think would definately be invited.

Daniel Negreanu,Phil Ivey,Patrik Antonius,Barry Greenstrein,Tom Dwan,Daniel Cates,Doyle Brunson,Andy Beal,Andrew Roble,Antonio Esfandiari,Phil Lak,Todd Brunson, Johnny Chan , Chris Moorman,Chris Moneymaker,Phil Galfond,Sam Tricket,Scott Seiver,Micheal Mizrachi,Vanessa Selbst,Jennifer Harman,Mike McDonald,Allen Cunningham,John Juanda,Joe Hachem,Isacc Haxton,Dave Ulliot,Tony G,Dan Shak , Ted Forrest and thats only 30.This is in any order also.

It would be something in the making never done before.Its just an idea.

Let the debate begin ....Who else do you think should be invited?

Play Hard,Stay Calm & have fun