The Room was dark and silent. Its the feeling when your in a empty builing or room where a tournament is going to be played long before it starts.


Its so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I dont know why , but i love to look around and see all the empty tables before the tournament starts.

Then i imagine the lights coming on and all the players filling the seats before the cards and chips start flying making the room come alive.

I place myself in the moment and in the zone. Weaving my self from table to table as if i am in a maze like a mouse trying to get to the end exit, but for me its the Final Table and winning the Tournament.

The good side of poker is when all flips,flops,turns,rivers are going your way. Its when everything seems to come easy thou looking back you may think it wasnt so easy but somewhat lucky you didnt run into a better hand. When all the little things are running like a well tuned engine.

For all the amatuer's out there or even any player for that matter. The one important thing in poker you really need to know if your really doing all the right things and getting beat after beat over and over again.Dont get down.Eventually the good side of poker will come around and reward you for your efforts.Bad beats are part of the game even when your doing the right things.

One time when i played in a tournament of 10,000 players & took it down then looking back to all the hands and situations i was in. I found alot of luck was on my side and i did alot of the right things from beginning to end.For example : In middle position i played Q 10 of diamonds suited with just a call for the big blind.The flop came and it was 3,K,Ace of diamonds. I dont know about you but for me , i could'nt have asked for a better flop.Slowing down and checking down to the river, i had two players move all in with me hitting the jack of diamonds on the river making me chip leader in the middle of the tourney.This was the turning point that truly did help me win the tournament.It also didnt hurt that alot of players were folding to my bets when blinds were huge at the end of the tourney also.Looking back at the folds by other players , it was respect for my play more than  they didnt have anything.

The Good side of Poker is what every player longs for. Either playing in tournaments and taking them down or playing cash games and  taking down your opponents. I seem to remember the good side more than the bad, preferabbly rather leave the bad in the past where it should be.LOL


Play hard , Stay calm & have fun.

See you at the tables,