Hello fellow blogger's and cummunity member's,

Lately i been taking sometime away from the poker tables and online.I have found that it has helped me reflect more on the important things in life. Like family, friends , health & spirit.

At this time of year i think we all seem to relax and spend more time with our family and friends.Its a special time of year for joy and gatherings. I dont know about you guys or gals but as i get older i tend to treasure it so much more.

Sometimes taking that long needed break from poker is well needed to start afresh and starting a new clean slate. I intend to enjoy my time away from the tables and look for inspiration from friends and family talking about the good times we had when we were younger in the past & enjoying the time we have in the present.

Focusing on whats important in our lives and treasuring the time of relaxing and enjoying eachothers company.I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I Welcome 2015 with open arms and possibilities for what the Future has to come.

When in 2015 i will be playing with even more Inspiration,Focus, Calm & Steady than ever before.

Remember Have fun, play hard and stay calm at the tables.

See you at the tables,