Hello to my fellow PSO players & members,

                                                                        Today i would like to talk about the math part of Hold'em in regards to outs and percentages.Alot of players like to use certain software tools and programs to help them with this, in my opinion its lazy and wont help them use their brain like they should be and toneing thier skills.

If your training your brain to process this, in the end it will help you become a much better player so your not relying on softwares and programs to do it for you.

For example if your using a calculator in a math class to get your answers are you ever gonna really learn anything from this? I think not.The part of the process is what you learned on how and what got you to the conclusion of what the answer is.

Especially when playing live, training your brain to make theses calculations will eventually get you much farther playing than not.Outs and percentages is a small topic to cover out of many math problems in regards to Hold'em.For instance when calculating your outs while playing is simple for the average player.The percentage part starts to become a little tricky.

From my experience its more of me memorizing the percentages for the number of outs from processing it and studying.But if you dont like memorizing heres a shortcut.Lets say for example you have 4 outs (Inside straight draw).Your percentage of hitting on the turn would be 16.5% , then on the river it would be 8.7%.To make this a little easier of coming to the conclusion of what percentage of you hitting the turns and rivers in the future on any given hand.I recommend you use this formula.

Here's a example for you, 2 overs is 6 outs multiplied by 4 is 24% which is your approximate chance of getting at least one of your overs.You maybe off by a percentage point or a little more as you go up the ladder for amount of outs.I recommend memorizing the chart . You can find it almost anywhere online.

This will help you tremendously starting out, i know it helped me.Also once you have it memorized the process comes quicker and helps you make better decisions when playing live or online.

I hope this will help anyone starting out or whos been playing for a bit.

See you at the tables,

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