HI All,

            Whats that  you say? You wish you could outplay and destroy your opponents.Well you can its easy.First before you play cash or a tournament . Make sure you have a mentality that your going to war and you want to survive above all else including other players, yes even the nice ones.You want to destroy everyone of them and take away their life and survival in the game.Think of it being like being alive and staying alive while you play.Instinct for survival.

Another move will be able to move in stealth mode and not allow your opponents catch your bluffs or figure out you have a big hand,like your betting perhaps.Watch your every step as you are traveling across many land mines that can explode your game and take away your very existence.Stay away from the landmines!

Remember that your opponents and players in the game are not your only opponents that you have to watch out for survival.The game it self can take away your survival and life in the game.

For instance the game can be disguised in camo and make you think you have a great hand like aces or kings and make you feel like your in good shape till you get burned by a pair or a set on the river.Watch out for these situations the game will misguide you,do the right thing and fold those aces or kings LOL.Wait for those easy oppurtunities when your opponents give you a free look or catching them by surprise with a army of a full house or straight.

When sitting down at the begining.... Know you will have to take out every one of them with no disregard for any of them and emotion.Be cold ...very cold.

They may be a oppurtunity when you can control their mind with some reverse psychology, use it to your advantage.Also sabotage their every move.

Last but not least the element of surprise! This will get you far.

Look forward to making some casualties at the tables next time i play,

                                Screen Name ID JBCD71