Hello everyone,


                          Back again with another blog.Lately i been playing some of my best poker.One of the things i been working on is trying more to figure out what cards my opponents are holding and if they are bluffing.Its no easy task.But for some reason its been really easy as of late,why? I ask myself.To tell you the truth i feel i been doing the same thing i always do.

First i ask myself what is possible of the cards my opponent may have by putting a range on him.Of course betting comes into play.I dont know what it is but call it just instincts.For some reason if a player makes a big bet and is out of the ordinary and strange for his range i tend to think its a bluff and been right alot of the times.

In one scenario i had Ace five off suit.on the button.I was sure before the flop i was in the lead,but my villian in middle position kept on raising me before the flop then after the flop when it was a rainbow.He just went on raising even thou i had not hit anything on the board.The villian just kept betting all the way to the river and went all in and i kept calling.My instinct told me by the amounts he was betting and the quickness of the bets that it just felt he was bluffing all the way and just trying to push me off the pot.Turned out he had 67 of clubs and was chasing a flush and hoped to push me off the pot with his all in.

You can imagine my disbelief that after calling this guy all the way to the river and calling his all in with the rest of my stack with ace high and taking it down.After i thought about it for awhile  i remembered this same player was doing lots of bluffing and playing very loose.His range was very wide.Looking at my stats of this player surely helped in making my decision.Of course gut instincts had come into play also.Sure feels good when my guts right and making a tremendous call like that.

Tells me one thing , that my game is evolving somewhat to a higher degree.

Over the course of the last week i also been recognizing alot of the players at the tables are trying to buy pots and bluffing thinking they can getaway with this.I tend to recognize these players more and exploit their game and strategy.

My reads & notes i have on players have been on point and been catching alot of them doing this strategy.

By having notes and ranges on players it does certainly help with my decision making process.

When computing all of the scenarios,betting,ranges,past history of what kind of player they are and having that information is only beneficial to my game and gives me that power & edge which is critical.

I intend to work on developing more of my game on this issue and recognizing these situations to exploit them and in the end working up my Bankroll.

See you at the tables,

                                       Screen Name ID JBCD71