My story when first starting out playing poker was way back when times were good and very easy.


The Poker Industry was fresh in the online world and just like a baby sweet and innocent.There was no poker scandals,no seeing other players whole cards and cheating.Money was good and there was plenty of it with many fish around and less Professionals or should i say more talented pool at the time.

During those days in the begining you would have big pocket players playing the high stakes from oil companies or oil tycoons to bankers and many other forms of individuals playing throwing there money around like it was going out of style.The fields on the sites were very slim to none.Heck the highest i think at the time Poker Stars first started the top numbers on the site would be 5,000 on a good day.

Today those numbers are much higher and makes it a grind and much more difficult to print money like in the old days.If you were to ask the pros this they would agree for sure.

You have to understand tournaments with fields with low numbers in the low days was gold mines for players who were good and knew what they were doing.Their ROI thats (Return On Investment ) for those who dont know what ROI is.The money was like a printing machine with so many new fish coming into the game.The fish were like lame ducks going to be slaughtered.

For the average player to start out from scratch compared to the old days when Poker Sites were just starting out, today is a grind and very hard.It can be done but will take alot of hard work ,dedication and luck along the way.Its gotta be at least a thousand more times  harder if not more.

It all comes down to math,skill and learning and what i call


When playing in larger fields the odds start to stack up against you.But when the fields are smaller in tournaments your chance of survival is so much greater.The numbers are in your favour in regards to getting farther and winning.Even if the field is stronger i would much rather play with the stronger players in smaller fields, because the balance of skill and luck weighs more to the survival side of the pentium for your benefit.

In large tournaments the fields are so great, that luck is more than likely on the side of the pentium that is against you.Not only do you have to use your skill , you need to use your skill to beat just plain luck from larger numbers against you.Which in turn makes it so much harder.But dont get me wrong it is possible and can be done.

When you can find the perfect balance between skill and luck and have it working hand in hand it can be a work of art.Its what i look at as a Masterpiece of Survival.

Theres no greater feeling than looking back after winning a tournament and having the chance to look back and seeing all the things you did right and even what you did wrong.

After playing for all theses years and all the hands i have seen . In order to be good you need to be lucky regardless of how much skill you have.Because sooner or later you can have the skill , but without the luck your gonna get beat alot of the time.

Finding that sweet spot i speak of is incredible and you will find the game to be very easy when it happens.When you find that balance everything just seems to work perfectly.This is the most fun time to play when its happening of course . Everything seems to be going right.But every now and then we all know when theres a upswing sooner or later, and not far behind theres a downswing.

This beautiful game of poker is awesome.It has evolved tremendously over the years and has grown to limits nobody can ever have thought of.I look forward to working on my game trying to keep up to the evolution of players and the game.

See everyone at the tables,

I will always be there in search of that perfect balance between skill & luck.

Yours truly,

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