Hello again cummunity & fellow members,

                                                                     These Blogs are helping me with my game and i have a satisfaction after writing them,sometimes for inspiration.

My game has been evolving little by little.I been finding myself folding some big monsters as of late and i am not talking about the ones you find in your closet or under your bed.I am talking about those big hands like Ace King,Ace Queen,Ace Jack and even some of those monster pocket hands like pocket Jacks,Queens,Kings.Some players may think this is crazy and maybe some might agree its the right move.Turns out when i been folding them i would of lost and it was a good decision.

If i can keep this up, i just might be on to something great or evolved my game to that next high level i been wanting to do.It feels like i am in a groove and that zone.

Folding Monsters can even be those Bigger hands like straights and flushes.We all been there when you have a low straight or low flush and just know your opponent has a higher flush or straight.It takes alot of guts or strength to be able to fold hands like this.When it turns out it was the right decision you look like a genius...but when its the wrong one you feel like a dunce.

I guess you just need to be able to know or have that feeling in your gut.

A tournament i recently played i had  AK  under the gun and out of position , i had that gut feeling and it was late in the tournament.I ended being the right decision and would of lost after seeing  the street play out.

Folding hands like these wasnt in my arsenal or tools before.Well they are now.I seem to be able to distinguish more when to fold those monsters and is coming better to me on what spots to do it.I notice late in a tournament when the blinds and antes are much bigger it may be the appropiate time.

The Monsters dont scare me anymore.....I just fold them and they go away.They havent been coming to haunt me when i do either, because it mostly is the right decision to do it.

Play hard , play cool and have fun.

See you at the felts,

                                  Screenname JBCD71