Hey People,

                    Just thought to talk about how Overlay Tournies are so valuble to a beginner or even a more advanced player.

The difference in payout and value for your money can be huge.Its also worth taking the time to look for these tournaments.

Tournaments with guaranteed money can sometimes give you that edge or overlay if a lower than expected amount of players show up than anticipated, when this happens you get a bigger Bang for your buck.It certainly will help you with building your bankroll.

I am not about to tell anyone where to find these tournaments for the very reason some of them have very low player fields which makes it easier to finish in the money or Final Table,heck maybe even win one of them.Plus it took research and looking for these tournies and taking the time to find them & the passwords.If anyones interested i suggest to also take the time and research these rare Gems.When you do find them its like a Eureka feeling.Thats the way i feel finding them.

Sometimes its just luck and chance finding them or right time ....right place.

I know its definately helped me with my bankroll.Hope it helps some of the beginners out there starting out and trying to build up that Bankroll,it aint easy.

Recently made a awesome score with a $1.10 entry and placed second with over a hundred dollars payout.Too bad i didnt get first and take it all down for the win, maybe next time.The field was around 378 players with a payout up to the top 64.First Place was $218.00 dollars which would of been nice.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

All the Best.

Remember play hard, play cool and have fun.

See you at the felts,

                                    Screenname JBCD71