Hey fellow members,

                                    I decided to make an attempt starting September 5,2014 to do a Challenge.

I will dedicate as much time as i can when able to.On this day i will work on evolving my game all across the board.

My mental games is where i will start along with my physical part also.It will be instrumental to be healthy as possible and mentally.On top of this i will be watching what i eat.Also i have recognized my Focus is not even close to where it should be, this is something i will work hard on to bring my game to a high level.

Once i have fine tuned these important parts of my game i will continue to try to evolve my mind,spirit & phsyicality to the highest of all levels.

Then comes the math part of the game i will be working on.This will include all kinds of probabilities.I feel i am pretty good on this part , but could always work on it and plug up some leaks in my game.

The Challenge will be to bring my Game to a Pro Level by May of 2015.I have always wanted to become a Pro and know i have the skill & determination to get there of course i will need a little luck along the way.Hope you listening Poker Stars.   

When you find a door ... you open it.

You look to see where its gonna take you....When one closes you open another.

Sometimes you gotta knock it down and say  ''  HERE I AM !  '.

I intend to prove my skills and my worth.  ( I BELIEVE)  Starting today is goona be a challenge i am looking forward to.Most of all i am goona make sure i have fun doing it.

Feel free to say hi or chat with me at the tables.I love meeting new members and players all the time,and of course makes the game more entertaining and fun.

Wish me Luck.

Play hard, Play Cool & Remember most of all have fun.

See ya at the tables,

                                   Screen Name JBCD71