Hey everyone,

                         Been playing some decent poker as of late and decided to try a Storm 6 Man Sit n Go satellite for a entry of  $3.75 with top 2 players winning a Sunday Storm entry worth $11.

I thought it was a great value for my money.Guess what?

Made it in first place and now have a oppurtunity in The Sunday Storm! Its gonna be interesting to play with some higher calibre players and test my skill & determination.I can hear the Eye of the Tiger song by the group Survivor blasting out of my speakers as i attempt my chance at glory.

I use music to inspire me while playing through out tournies and other formats.Music is something also that helps me keep my nerves strong and my psyche calm.Thou when i get to later stages in a tournament when the stacks get high and the blinds are huge i tend to like it quiet.The music goes off,phone is in quiet mode.Silence is a wondeful thing.Every little noise is blocked out and i am in the zone.The focus is on every little move by each player.The time it takes to bet , down to the time it takes to fold.Its all in my memory bank.Betting patterns,calling hands and evey word they say during play.

Everything is calm..........

Then we reach the Final Table and The Storm begins.The wind is blowing hard and the chips are flying.The music is blaring again when i hit the Final Table.

I will stand , I will play , I will be Captain of  this ship or should i say Table.LOL

I will play till i am the Final one standing or die trying.

Look forward to seeing you all at the tables come Sunday.


Remember play hard, play cool & have fun.


Screen Name JBCD71