Hello fellow Bloggers & Cummunity Members,

                                                                              Every poker players dream is to hit the big time and Fame. For others its all about the Benjamins or should i say money for those who dont know what i meant by that.

Some people or players may not believe this, but some actually might just play cause they love the game and the money and fame is just a bonus to them.There may even be some players who dont want the fame either.

For all the beginners out there just starting out for the first time. I wanted to let you in on a little secret to winning against other beginners.It may even help you beat more better or progressive players in the future.Its very simple.When sitting down at a poker table you need to think you are gonna win and beat every opponent at the tables or tournaments.If you dont have this mentallity before you enter or sit down,  then why even bother?

If you arent thinking your gonna win, you have already lost in my opinion.Its important you have confidence.Thats the first step.

After that its about having the will to push yourself to do it.Sorta like imposing your will onto others and having them to fold to you or lose.Giving yourself the chance to win and making sure the odds and numbers match, not simply relying on luck.

To put it more bluntly, ensuring you have the better hand in plain english.

Dont always believe the nay sayers telling you if you wait for that big hand.Your just gonna get blinded out.Maybe their right in a way if its late in a tournament and the blinds are getting large.But when its early in a tournament , it pays to be patient.Patience is key early on in a tournament.

Believe in yourself and believe that you will refuse to be dealt lousy hands and fold them.Always believe the next hand is gonna be a good hand.What i mean by that is at least the Top 5 in the rankings.You can afford to do this early on in a tournament , usually for the first half hour depending on the blind structure.

When you play poker you need to keep control of your destiny or at least try to.

The last thing i leave you with .

At the tables playing out those street,flops,turns and rivers.Always demand in your head that you deserve to win and you refuse to lay down.Dont ever be one of those players who says 'I just dont feel it ",  ' Its not coming " , " I been running bad ". Dont give in to this madness.

In my opinion this is one of many things and more to the secret of winning.

Wish you all  The Best of Luck at the tables, and always respect your opponents.


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