Hey fellow poker cummunity members,


                                                                Here to write about how i wanna become a good poker ambassador and what it takes to be one in my opinion.

First you have to have skill of course,but i dont feel you need a big score or a championship title to be a good ambassador .It certainly would help and be a good platform,especially be nice to look at on your resume.

To be a good ambassador you need respect from your peers and carry yourself in a respectful manner.When playing at the tables there should be no cursing or berating your opponents.I would say its fun to chat and keep it clean,all in good fun right?

Also it should be a player who has a strong passion for the game and has heart.Someone who wants to represent the game to its fullest .

I pledge to try to be all of these and more.Of course i challenge every player from all levels to meet these requirements which i believe in turn would only help the game more.

We all should be respecting one another in this wonderful game we love,especially the fish and beginners.You dont see players in hockey,soccer,tennis,football and other sports berating their  rookie opponents.Instead they do their talking on the ice or fields with their skills,as we should be doing at the felts or tables.Some of you might say their is berating going on in sports,which is rightfully so but very rare and hardly happens.

If only all players across the fields  could do this, would only elevate the game to a higher level.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the tables and felt,

Remember to play hard , play cool , and have fun.

            Screen Name JBCD71