Hello everyone,

                          Been playing a little poker and thought to write another one of my blogs again.

This time i wanna talk about somethin i call Next!

We have all seen it on Television,Online and especially during Live games.Its when you see that one player call for a card when hes behind or even when hes in front like he knows whats coming or he has the ability to see into the future.

Theres many of us in the cummunity who have seen Pros do the samething on many occasions.

When the player or Pro calls for the card and is right, the crowd goes wild and you can hear all the wohs from the players at the table like the person did something magical.

I truly believe this is capable of being done.But it takes alot of luck and sometimes its all skill.If you think about it if a player has played millions  upon millions of hands over and over again.That player will eventually develop this ability.Every hand has its own story and alot of them are in a way sometimes similiar.For instance when i am in the Zone and at my A game i feel nobody can beat me.

Time slows down and everything is in slow motion.Your hearing is hieghtened,your vision is 5x more clear.The tells come to you so easily from betting patterns,drops of sweat rolling down your opponents face and right down to the vibrations or quivering of his voice.

Its  funny when a player bluffs you and know its in fact a bluff.You can actually see his throat go gulp telling himself what did i get myself into and then fold.

Back to my topic about Next! On many occasions i have found myself calling the next card in my mind and sometimes out loud and the card coming up to my astonishment.Is it luck? Or is it also a skill one develops over time playing millions of hands.In my opinion its a little of both.

It would be nice to hear other players thoughs on this and experiences or stories.So please reply or comment with one of your stories or when a Next! situation happened to you at a game of poker.


See you at the tables,

Remember to play cool,calm and have fun

                                                                       Screen name JBCD71