Good Afternoon everybody.Back to write my second blog and hope you like it.                                       

As i write my second blog i have been moving up in the ranks of PokerSchool Online.My target is to try to finish in the top 200,as of now i have reached 1107.

Ok lets talk about the second part of my blog Longevity.This is getting to the second stage of tournaments and the third and final stage.If you remember in the first part i talked about consistency you should also use it as you go into the next stages at your own disgression and pick your spots when you do.Now when getting to the second and third stage you should have a fairly decent stack to open up a little more and possibbly play those connectors i talked about and middle pairs.Middle pairs are great to play when in the small blind or big blind especially if no player raises you and you get a free look at the flop.This can give you oppurtunities to hit a set and get paid.But be careful those sets arent always guaranteed and could cost you.

When having a big stack its very important to keep it that if your gonna get to the third stage.Your betting should be controlled and not overbet .This the the Longevity part i was talking about, you need to have self control and not go crazy when you get AK,AQ,KK,QQ.So many players tend to overeact when waking up with these hands and even myself when you been patiently waiting to get them and overplay them.I suggest to slow play them and disguise them when the time is right or a small raise to get a feel of your opponent.To go all in with AK,AQ,KK,QQ before the flop with a nice stack so late in the tournament is not the proper move in my opinion.Theres so much risk there and the blinds are still fairly low compared to the stack you have you can wait for better chances to go all in with much stronger hands.I dont recomend you do this when getting down to the final table,again i say to pick your spots and listen to your gut.

I hope this will help some with thier game.Its helped mine and got me far in tournaments.Of course this doesnt cover every aspect of every situation through a tournament,but its the basics that should help you get far and then learn from there as you go.If a beginner is to stick to what i said i truly believe it will get them farther in tournaments.

After doing what i have mentioned and your getting far in tournaments time and time again.Its time to find that one last gear to get to the final table and even win the tourney.It will take trial and error and you will figure out eventually what it will take to get there.

Play hard , Play Cool & Most importantly have fun!

See you at the felts.


                           Sincerely Joao De Cabral  screen ID (JBCD71)