Hello again everyone back again with another one of my blogs.

I am having fun writing these and hope to learn from it as i write them.Also if it at all entertains or helps anyone with thier game its a bonus win,win for me.I love to contribute to this great cummunity and unbelievble game i love.

First off i would like to talk about consistency in the game of poker when playing in tournaments.What i mean by this is making it far in tournaments time and time again.Especially in the top five to ten percent of the field.

Lets say you enter twenty tournies.What does it take to make it in the top five to ten percent.Of course you will need a little luck along the way.But its gonna take alot more than just luck to get there.Its gonna take discipline,patience,focus,restraint.You will also need to pay attention at all times to all players at the tables for instance betting patterns,what cards they are playing when winning pots,are they on what i call a rush of cards and getting great hands.These factors are very important to you because they will help you along the way and possibly help you down the road further in the tournament or even the Final Table.

I could go into the hands you should play in the start of the tournament in what i call the virgin stage.They are AA,KK,QQ,AK,AQ.It takes alot of discipline to do this.Most players just have to play those middle pockets,those Ace tens,Ace jacks,connector hands 78,98,KQ,J10.

Then comes your betting techniques have to be small in nature so your stack does not dwindle to crumbs.Lets say you start with 1500 starting chips.If you dwindle down to 900 and come up with aces then double up you only have 1800 compared to a possible 3000 this is huge in comparison.Especially if you were to wake up with another great hand in the top 5 which if you were to double up again & would bring you tp 6000 instead of 3600.Its a huge difference in stacks.Certainly you can start to open up alot more with 6000 stack than a 3800.Maybe even try some of those connectors.

Now comes the longevity stage and on how to keep getting yourself  far in tournaments over and over again.If you think the virgin stage is hard,its nothing compared to the next stage.Now that you have this bigger stack in which you should if you are playing the virgin stage and of course you dont run into coolers,just bad luck  and bad beats which shouldnt happen in the long run very often unless you just got bad luck.

Having a big stack is easy...holding onto it is another story.I look forward to writing about the Longevity stage in my next blog.

Play hard and Play cool and most importantly have fun.

See you at the felts. Screen ID JBCD71