Aces is the best hand a player can be holding before the flop.With at least the percentage of 79 % or higher of winning before the flop at a minimum.

In almost all scenarios before the flop players will call or even raise all in and never fold them.Players would think your crazy to fold Aces pre flop in any scenario in a tournament.

Lets think about this for a second.

Heres a example.Lets say your deep in a tournament and you have managed to build your stack from a starting stack of 3,000 to 39,000 chips.Blinds are 2,000 and 4,000.Your on the button and get Aces.In middle position a player raises  All-In .Now this player has Jack nine off suit but you dont know this at the time.

You begin to go over in your head what can he possibbly have..Kings,Queens..maybe Ace King.Even maybe middle pair or higher.This is the right way of thinking in my opinion.

Connector hands came across my mind also in this spot.This players stack has you covered with around 41,000 chips.Theres now only 60 players left in the tournament.Your in the money,payouts started at 234 players left.

Sometimes when you get Aces you get that feeling this the one time i can possibbly lose with them and get knocked out of the tourney.We all know this can happen sometimes and will always happen eventually every now and then.

If you do fold may have saved your life in the tournament to go on to even maybe win it.

After all you still have your 39,000 chips and get the chance to still win the tournament and a chance to look at at least another maybe 30 to 40 hands and most of all make more money and going higher in the payouts.It turns out i called with the Aces but ended up losing to his two pair on the river.

I know in the future i will think twice from this scenario and may even fold the Aces with a huge (Hero Fold).Then go on to win the Tournament.

I would love to hear what other players opinions are .