June 18th thru June 25th. On the 18th I met Leon (Sailor Moe) at the Vegas Airport for a week of Poker playing and FUN! A longer version of this report is in the Forum for those that missed it there. After checking into our Hotel we went to the RIO to check out the action there, it was a Mad house. We decided to go to The Orleans to play. Day 1 Play Orleans Event was a $40 + $5 Buy-in with unlimited re-buys during the first hour. play started with 142 players. Standard structure... starting at 25-50 blinds. I busted out soon after the 2nd break. Leon still in, so I played Cash games for awhile. Leon on final table so left the cash game to watch. When down to 3 players they chopped giving each an equal share - $2085. Nice starting day for Leon. Total Event Winnings after Day 1... Leon $2000 jayw $0.00 Day 2 Play We started our 2nd day at the RIO playing some SNG's. Leon playing a $525 Sat and I started with a $125 Sat and then play another $225 Sat while Leon was playing his Sat. The bigger events got 2000 starting chips while the events I played in were 1000 starting chips. Leon chopped his Sat, taking $2000 for his efforts, my efforts in two events result in $0.00. We then decided to go back to The Orleans to play. We were late for the event and started our play after the 1st break. Even starting short stacked to a lot of players, we both managed to get to the final table, finishing with 1st place and 3rd place money. Leon = $700 jayw = $675. Total Event Winnings after Day 2... Leon $4700 jayw $675 Day 3 Play We started the day, again, at the RIO playing SNG's. Leon a $525 and I playing a $175 Event. Leon did not cash in his event, however I managed to win mine for 3 - $500 Buy-in chips for an WSOP event. Back to The Orleans to play Cash Games, since we were late for the afternoon tournament. Leon played a 4-8 Omaha 8 and I in a 1-2 NL, which we both lost a few bucks in. However, Leon got a share of a Bad Beat Jackpot at his table. So another $278 added to his backroll. We got something to eat and then off to Ceasars to play in the 7 PM Event there, $330 buy-in ($290 to prize pool) 4500 starting chips, 40 minute rounds, break after every 2nd round. Leon taps me on the shoulder shortly after the 2nd break to tell me he is out and heading back to the Hotel. It gets to be 2:30 AM and I'm still playing (Final Table). I catch a hand and sent player #8 and #9 to the rail to collect their winnings. A short time latter and a DONKY move I am collecting my own winnings of $1357 for a 6th place finish. Total Event Winnings after Day 3... Leon $4978 jayw $3532 Day 4 Play Went to the RIO to stand in line to register for the $1500 NL event using the chips I had won the day before. We got breakfast and then took Leon back to the Hotel to rest and relax before his event $5000 Omaha Event at 5 PM. Then back to the RIO to take my seat in my event. Results... I'm on the rail just before the 3rd break at 6:40 PM. Don't know the exact numbers of players left at this time, however, Arron reported on PokerPages that there were 410 players left at the Dinner break which was after another 30 minutes of play. So again taking the figures from his report, there were an average of 5 players going to the rail every minute of this event, I calculate my finish then at roughly 540. With 2542 players starting I out lasted about 80% of the field. Leon started play at 5 PM and was still playing when I went back to the Hotel for some beauty rest. Next moring he tells me he is still in, but short stacked to the tune of 2200 chips. Total Event Winnings after Day 4... Leon $4978 jayw $3532 Day 5 Play Started the day again at the RIO to play some SNG's. Neither of us cashed. Leon started his Day 2 of the Omaha Event at 4 PM and managed to get through two orbits with his short stack, about 20 minutes of playing. Again to The Orleans, a little early for the evening event so we play cash games for awhile. After a couple of hours I'm up $300, so I cash out and Leon does the same so we can get a sub at Subway before the 7 PM event starts, not enough time for a sit down meal. 278 players start this event $65 Buy-in with a $40 (1250 starting chips) re-buy anytime during the first round. Two other PSO members in this event with Leon and I (Ca1amityJane and Imurhucklbery) 2 of us made the Final table. Imurhucklbery finishing 9th for a cash out of $270 and I manage to stick around for a 6th place and a $790 pay day. Total Event Winnings after Day 5... Leon $4978 jayw $4322 Day 6 Play Today we played the Double Stack Event at the Venetian. $550 buy-in. 10,000 starting chips, 40 minute rounds, break every 2 rounds, fairly standard structure, ecept they add an extra ante level to the 100/200 blinds and the 150/300 blinds to give extra playing time. Leon gets busted when his flopped str8 get caught by a boat on the river. My demise can with a set of Q's getting caught by a set of K's on the river. Leon met TonyD at Binions to play a torunament. Leon found the rail early while Tony finished 30th and they paid 27. OUCH! Total Event Winnings after Day 6.. Leon $4978 jayw $4322 Day 7 Play We decided yesterday, no tournaments today, we planned to stay at Binions and played cash games. After late start, we get some breakfast and then sign up for either 1/2 NL or 4/8 Limit. New table opened first for the 4/8, so we both took a seat. I had good luck early and build my chip stack. Leon noticed something funny going on and decided to take a seat in the 1/2 table. (He played in a tournament later in the afternoon, no winnings) After he got up from the table I talked to him breifly, since I noticed he was upset about something. He tells me there is a game within the game and to watch out. Tells me who and I watch them closely for their signals. After figuring it out I told the house about them and went back to playing. One of them left shortly thereafter and the other lost all his chips within a half hour or so. Finished the day when TonyD stopped by and we all went out to get Dinner. We finished off the day by getting to bed early with a 3:15 AM wake up call in place. Total Event Winnings after Day 7.. Leon $4978 jayw $4322 (These are actual gross winnings from Tournaments and do not take into account buy-ins and/or cash game play) Trying to get my schedule set with my Consulting Business so I can go back out there before the end of the WSOP this year. Will know in the next couple of days. If you ever have the chance to go out during the WSOP, don't miss it. That's all folks jayw